6 Best WordPress Slider Plugins Your website should have

April 6, 2016

Do you fancy sliders. ? Well they provide a awesome way to display images, videos or other content in an attractive manner on your website. If your WordPress theme doesn’t have a slider built-in or you would just like to add something a bit more exciting then take a look at these amazing WordPress slider plugins that can bring your website to life.

1. RoyalSlider – Touch-Enabled jQuery Image Gallery

RoyalSlider – Touch-Enabled jQuery Image Gallery


RoyalSlider is an easy-to-use jQuery image gallery and content slider plugin with animated captions, responsive layout and touch support for mobile devices. For its menu, you can use thumbnails, tabs or bullets. Use it as image slider, slideshow, HTML content slider, gallery, banner rotator, video gallery, carousel or even presentation.

RoyalSlider comes with the following features:

  • Touch navigation support for iOS (all versions), Android 2.3+, IE10, IE11, Blackberry and other OS and browsers that support touch or pointer events
  • Use any HTML content in each slide and each thumbnail (or tab)
  • Loads nearby images in background
  • Super smooth hardware accelerated CSS3 transitions
  • Full-screen feature with native HTML5 fullscreen support.
  • Perfect for photo gallery where you want to show high-resolution photography
  • Memory management – keeps only a few slides in display list
  • YouTube & Vimeo videos in slides
  • Deep-linking – link to specific slide from URL
  • Adjustable speed, transition and easing for each caption or slide
  • Static content for each slide is allowed
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