How to Set-Up WampServer on your computer

WampServer is a Windows Web development environment for PHP, Apache and MySQL databases. This means web applications that require PHP and Apache such as WordPress can be run from a computer.
For developers, WampServer can help you work faster on your local computer before uploading the finished website files to your cloud web hosting server. This is Cool right ūüėČ
By working on your local computer, you eliminate the time it takes to download and upload when you work directly from your web hosting server. Imaging you have slow internet, even worse, imaging you just edited a PHP file and while saving it, your internet cuts off. In this case, your PHP file upload will break and your whole website will break as well.
This is where WampServer comes in. By working locally you avoid all the wait time and risk of breaking your website. You also have the chance to browse your files and detect issues fast locally.

Installing is easy. CLICK HERE to download and save the latest version of WampServer to your desktop. Be sure to download the right file for your computer, if your computer supports 64bits, then download WampServer 64bits else 32bits.
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CSS Menu Maker

Use MenuMakers to easily build clean, responsive website navigations.  From this site you can find wide range of stylized menus to use on you website. Styling the menus can be done from the site, but in order to download styled menu you have to upgrade to Online user whits costs $19/year. For skilled developer styling the menu from downloaded css shoud not be too hard.

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