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How to continually refresh a website with Page Refresher tool

Are you observing a breaking news occasion? Perhaps you’re looking into ratings of your preferred sports group? If you require the most recent news from your web browser, you end up being totally acquainted with that circular arrow refresh icon. How to Instantly Refresh a Website However, who has time to constantly click that refresh […]

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How to activate Sublime Text 3 with free License Key

The most preferred code editor at this moment is Sublime Text. Used by many developers for various projects including website, software development, game design and many more. It is, in fact, one of the best code editors on the market right now. Not at all like Notepad ++ which is free for all to download and install, […]

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How to Set-Up WampServer on your computer

WHAT IS WAMPSERVER? WampServer is a Windows Web development environment for PHP, Apache and MySQL databases. This means web applications that require PHP and Apache such as WordPress can be run from a computer. For developers, WampServer can help you work faster on your local computer before uploading the finished website files to your cloud web […]

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TikTok is becoming very porpuler. Get the online TikTok video downloader for free. You can Auto-Refresh web pages with free online Page Refresher tool